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Sentiment and Sedimentation

Caroline Rannersberger

Despard Gallery 16 March  - 10 April 2016


Caroline Rannersberger’s paintings for Sentiment and Sedimentation speak to the improvisation of the painting process when working directly on site, particularly Bruny Island. As a resident of Bruny, Rannersberger has a strong connection to place, and as such, her work is often driven by intense and impassioned painting sessions. For this exhibition, whilst largely abstract in nature, the artist has focussed on the Isthmus formation joining the north and south islands, locally known as “The Neck”, a unique geological feature created by the continual build up of sediment. The layering of sand and the land mass upheavals over millennia, drive Rannersberger’s evocative painting method to create a fusion of ‘sentiment’ and ‘sedimentation’..... MORE

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