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I offer a range of visual arts services including:

the development of public art projects; the presentation of art lectures tailored to specific groups as required; curatorial services; arts education, including workshops and academic services (research examinations, supervision) and arts related project consultation/coordination.


  • One of the Founding Directors of the Bruny Island Foundation for the Arts, an Australian charity dedicated to advancing arts and culture on Bruny Island.

  • Curator of the Bruny Island Art Prize, which takes place every two years, with the inaugural prize in September 2016 on Bruny Island, Tasmania

  • Coordinator/Curator of the EDGE Project series on Bruny Island. EDGE2 Isthmus was part of MOFO 2016.

  • Project Manager and Facilitator of the Common Ground Mural with the tenants of Common Ground, Hobart, supported by Robert Kreshl. This project was commissioned by Common Ground Tasmania, and involved assisting the tenants to develop a 55 metre long mural. For full details go to, “Commonwall”.

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