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Illuminous Artist Statement

Caroline Rannersberger

Flinders Lane Gallery 19 July – 6 August 2016


In this new body of work, there are three key elements that determine the outcomes. Firstly, I create highly textured and scarified surfaces which occur through reactions between different mediums and surfaces. To an extent, these reactive surfaces mimic the geomorphology of the land. Secondly, I use vivid colour, referencing in particular metaphysical and alchemical concepts dating back to antiquity. Thirdly, I explore the relationship between the land and the painting experience.  In terms of content, using a mix of inks and acrylics, I continue to respond to the painting process and alchemical reactions of paint as a means to investigate ocean and land forms.  I am interested in how the medium mimics the geomorphology of the land and the processes of land formation....MORE...

Illuminous Catalogue Essay

Marguerite Brown

Flinders Lane Gallery 19 July – 6 August 2016

It must be difficult for visual artists who live in Tasmania to not be affected by the spectacular natural environment that surrounds them. Maybe its something in the air, or perhaps its carried on the wild roaring forties – westerly winds that travel around the globe at 40° south. There seems a freshness and originality in much of the art that has emerged in recent years from our southernmost state, and the work of Caroline Rannersberger is no exception....MORE...

Sentiment and Sedimentation Catalogue Essay

Astrid Joyce

Despard Gallery, Hobart 16 March – 10 April 2016

Caroline Rannersberger’s paintings for Sentiment and Sedimentation speak to the improvisation of the painting process when working directly on site, particularly Bruny Island. As a resident of Bruny, Rannersberger has a strong connection to place, and as such, her work is often driven by intense and impassioned painting sessions. For this exhibition, whilst largely abstract in nature, the artist has focussed on the Isthmus formation joining the north and south islands, locally known as “The Neck”, a unique geological feature created by the continual build up of sediment. The layering of sand and the land mass upheavals over millennia, drive Rannersberger’s evocative painting method to create a fusion of ‘sentiment’ and ‘sedimentation’.....MORE...

Sentiment and Sedimentation Review

Andrew Harper

The Mercury, TasWeekend 26-27 March 2016

Sentiment and Sedimentation Review

Lucy Stranger

Artist Profile 8 March 2016

EDGE2 Isthmus, MONA FOMA 2016 Review

Michael Mackenzie, ABC Radio National Interview with Caroline Rannersberger, artist and curator

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