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Caroline Rannersberger

Flinders Lane Gallery 19 July – 6 August 2016


In this new body of work, there are three key elements that determine the outcomes. Firstly, I create highly textured and scarified surfaces which occur through reactions between different mediums and surfaces. To an extent, these reactive surfaces mimic the geomorphology of the land. Secondly, I use vivid colour, referencing in particular metaphysical and alchemical concepts dating back to antiquity. Thirdly, I explore the relationship between the land and the painting experience.  In terms of content, using a mix of inks and acrylics, I continue to respond to the painting process and alchemical reactions of paint as a means to investigate ocean and land forms.  I am interested in how the medium mimics the geomorphology of the land and the processes of land formation.... MORE

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